Donald Trump to Punish His Political Enemies Again

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Let’s just get this over with, shall we?

  • Trump wants to remove the security clearances of several former national security officials because they dared speak of the Russia investigation in what Press Secretary Sarah Sanders described as an “inappropriate” manner. You know, casually punishing political rivals over petty shit, no big! [CNN]
  • U.S. Interior officials accidentally leaked documents revealing that they attempted to downplay the importance of the nation’s most precious national monuments and public lands. From the Washington Post: “The thousands of pages of email correspondence chart how Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and his aides instead tailored their survey of protected sites to emphasize the value of logging, ranching, and energy development that would be unlocked if they were not designated as national monuments.” Oh! [Washington Post]
  • Senator Rand Paul is still pretending that he’s not going to vote wit Republicans when time comes to back Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination. [Politico]
  • You can buy Melania salami in Slovenia. [NYTimes]
  • To the surprise of no one with a lick of goddamn sense, ending DACA will fuck over the economy of Texas. [Texas Monthly]
  • In other nauseating immigration news, an undocumented mother of three voluntarily showed up at a Florida jail to pay a traffic ticket. She ended up being detained by ICE. [Miami New Times]
  • LOL this woman trolled Fox News:

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:


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Tool of the Matriarchy

This article explains why Trumpers still support him. The money quote is “...when intolerant white people fear democracy may benefit marginalised people, they abandon their commitment to democracy.

Bigots watched Democracy deliver safe abortion, same-sex marriage and the first black POTUS, and decided that Democracy had to go. Try and shock them with how cosy Trump is with Putin? They like Putin. He’s against the (racial slurs) and (homophobic slurs) just like them, and he’s taking care of the problem! And he knows how to deal with the Fake News that keeps on about how it’s a bad thing.

They’re not blind to how Trump is tearing down democracy. They know it...they support it. That’s what they elected him to do.