Someone made a horrifically disturbing and possibly parodic video about Donald Trump, one that very effectively paints him as the harbinger of our imminent plunge into a violent, authoritarian, dystopian future. So of course Donald Trump has enthusiastically retweeted it, because obviously the videomaker really gets his vision.

The ad, “Trump Effect,” first popped up on VidMe; the user’s only other video is an anti-Ted Cruz jam. The Trump video is so terrifying it seems like it must be a parody, featuring footage of violent clashes at Trump rallies, and ominous Martin Sheen voiceover (“We’re at war. No one wants to admit it but humanity is under attack”) which, as Business Insider points out, is from Mass Effect 2. It ends with an insane explosion of fireworks, bald eagles, and rippling American flags, combined with a shouty monologue from Trump: “We are gonna become rich again. We are gonna become great again. We’re gonna turn it around fast. Nobody’s gonna tell us what to do.”


Videogame-tinged parody? Real albeit unhinged fan video? God knows, but either way, Trump gave the thing an enthusiastic co-sign:

In very related news, Trump has reportedly been wearing a bulletproof vest at his rallies, although, given that he’s not a teenage girl or a black person, he’s probably safe.

Update, 2:35:

The video has been pulled from YouTube due to an inevitable copyright claim from EA Games, but it’s working just fine on Donald Trump’s Twitter page. Trump’s campaign manager, the allegedly violent and volatile Corey Lewandowsk, also retweeted it. They really love this video.


Update, 5:22 p.m.:

The video is no longer viewable on Trump’s page, not because he came to his senses and deleted the tweet, but because of a copyright claim.


Photo via AP Images