Donald Trump Releases New Ad Referencing the 'Pervert' Anthony Weiner

Turns out even a broken, pussy-grabbing clock is right twice a day.

Sort of. Trump’s newest ad, apparently released Thursday, is incorrect on practically every factual assertion—there is no new FBI investigation; it’s not actually clear whether the emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer were Huma’s or Hillary’s; and there’s no evidence to suggest any secrets—much less America’s “most sensitive secrets”—were contained within.

But Trump is right about one thing—Anthony Weiner is undeniably a pervy weirdo. As they say, game recognize game.

I’m Gabrielle Bluestone, and I approve this message.

Former Gawker news editor

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The most disappointing thing about this election cycle isn’t the focus on “emails” to the point the word “emails” is shorthand for crime (where no crime exists) it’s that Trump HAS A HEARING FOR ACCUSATIONS OF CHILD RAPE IN 2 WEEKS AND NO-ONE IN THE TV MEDIA MENTIONS IT.

Can you imagine what would happen if Clinton was on trial for raping a 13 year old in 2 weeks? It’s would be 24/7, the main news every single day, for months.