Donald Trump Rejects Last Week Tonight Invitation He Never Received

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Wow, wow, wow, seems like someone has made an enemy in a high place. That someone? John Oliver. That enemy? Donald Trump. That high place? The penthouse of a Trump Tower.


On Friday, Oliver appeared on CBS This Morning, where he shared that he wouldn’t be interested in bringing Trump onto his highly-rated HBO show, Last Week Tonight. As Oliver’s show isn’t exactly a GOP campaign stop, and as Trump is also not a particularly intelligent conversation partner, the conclusion makes sense.

“He’s said everything he has to say,” Oliver said of Trump. “He’s an open book. That book doesn’t have that many interesting words in it.”


That Saturday, Trump thoughtfully responded to the dig via Twitter:

...a sentiment which earned him a variety of responses, including:


The thing is that the show never invited Trump in for an interview.


Basically, Trump is modernizing the old Groucho Marx adage of not wanting to belong to “any club that would have me as a member,” and re-appropriating it to something more Trump-suitable: he wouldn’t want to belong to any club that wouldn’t have him as a member.

And that is the story of how Trump began building his own clubs.

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Morifarty's ringtone

Sometimes I think that Donald Trump’s people are like Mona Lisa and Jean Ralphio from Parks and Recs. They say things Trump wants to hear in exchange for money.


His People: ........ Yes. Yes he did. But we said no way, because you’re the best Presidential candidate every and we love you. Can I have some moniezzzzz?