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What are you going to do in 6½ years

with a normal boring person


The midterms are very tough for anybody

the opposite of president,

for whatever reason,

nobody has been




We have a witch hunt now

going on, and I

handle it very well, and

there was no collusion.

Who is the one, who’s the one

president that percentage-wise has

done better than me?

There’s only


George Washington — 100 percent.

And then you have a problem and

it goes in cycles, and I want

absolutely crystal clear water and I want

the cleanest air on the planet and

our air now is cleaner

than it’s ever been.

Everything I want and

everything I have

is clean.

I have a natural instinct

for science.

I often hear that Russia likes

to sow discord. The word is sow,

an old English term.

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