Illustration for article titled Donald Trump on Oregon Shooting: The Result Wouldve Been Better if Somebody Had a Gun

Donald Trump, the person still inexplicably leading the Republican presidential primary, “sometimes” carries a firearm. In an interview with CBS’s Face the Nation, Trump acknowledged that he has a concealed weapons permit, adding “I will tell you, I feel much better being armed.”


Asked about the recent shooting at an Oregon community college campus that left nine people dead, Trump shared this pearl of wisdom:

“Had somebody in that room had a gun, the result would’ve been better. I think that if you had the teacher, assuming they knew how to use the weapon, which hopefully they would, you would’ve been a lot better when this maniac walked into class, starting to shoot people.”


Indeed, this is just the plan the nation needs: an army of underpaid adjuncts charged with the responsibility to educate future generations while packing heat.

Between Trump’s plan to arm educators and Ben Carson’s ramblings, Republican presidential candidates are really sounding reassuring rational. Only 393 miserable days left until the election!

Image via AP.

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