Donald Trump Loves Everything Emmanuel Macron Says Even When He Can't Understand It Because It's in French

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President Trump continues to be very diplomatically horny for French President Emmanuel Macron. This time around, Trump expressed his love for the dulcet tones of the French language more generally.

Politico reports that after Trump praised Macron for his leadership and camaraderie, Macron began to speak in French to a group of reporters:

This prompted Trump to start to laugh and say that he did not understand what Macron said, but “it sounded beautiful.”

Macron then switched to English, explaining “I just reminded everybody that almost one year ago you were present with your wife in Paris for Bastille Day.”


Macron continued to ooze with the kind of empty pleasantries that Trump likes so much, reminiscing about their 12 or so months of working together and promising they will continue to work together in the future. So nice.

But the tender moment was short lived:

One reporter asked Macron whether he agreed with Trump’s earlier statements claiming Germany is a “captive” of Russia. Trump said he was glad someone asked Macron this.

The French president responded “no.”

In French that would be non.

Correction: An earlier version of this piece described Macron as the prime minister of France; his title is president. Nous regrettons l’erreur.

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Just a little correction, Macron is not our Prime Minister. The french Prime Minister is Edouard Philippe, Macron is the President of the Republique.

That being said, its a little embarrassing for us french people to see Trump liking our President so much... but at least, we can enjoy Macron trolling him regularly.