Donald Trump Looking for Chief of Friend

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No one wants to be Donald Trump’s chief of staff, including his current chief of staff, John Kelly. But does anyone want to be his chief of friend?


According to deep analysis that an anonymous former senior White House official gave to Politico, that’s all the president is looking for:

“As corny as it sounds, the biggest thing the president needs right now is a friend—someone who gets along with him and his family and can be a comfort to them. That’s the most important attribute a chief of staff can have, and that’s what [Trump] and his family are looking for.”


And according to the Washington Post the answer is no, no one wants to be his friend.

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It’s easier to make friends when you don’t exhibit almost every negative quality a person can have.

Also, who else thinks he’s asked Sean Hannity? Because I feel like he has, but Hannity turned it down because it’s actual work.