Itā€™s official: Athlete Donald Trump Jr. and Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle are making their relationship public.

Page Six reports Don Jr. and Guilfoyle attended a party for Metropolitan magazine and posed alongside the publicationā€™s cover stars.

From Page Six:

ā€œ[They were] completely comfortable posing for selfies and personal shots with the guests,ā€ the insider said. ā€œOne guest told [Trump Jr.] that his dad was doing a ā€˜great jobā€™ and he replied, ā€˜Thank you very much.ā€™ā€ [...]

Spies previously spotted the power couple earlier this month at clubby Omar at Vaucluse, where they couldnā€™t keep their hands off each other.

ā€œHe was touching her, and they were holding hands all night,ā€ said a witness. ā€œThey had dinner with one other woman ā€” but you couldnā€™t put a knife between them.ā€


So long to those days of ducking into chic Manhattan restaurants on the sly. They have nothing to hide. TMZ even caught them at a Poison concert together on Thursday night. Wow! Just hope those two remember that every rose has its thorn!