Donald Trump Jr., boy prince of trolling us all with his inner ugliness and outer flannel, has begun his familial Halloween celebrations by dressing his daughter as a cop and pretending to know what socialism is.

And while that’s not a sentence I’m proud of, neither is it a sentence I’m surprised in the least to have written for work.

Based on this tweet, some possible things Donald Trump Jr. thinks socialism is: 1. as easy as taking candy from a baby 2. as easy is taking candy from his baby 3. as easy as taking candy from a tiny cop who earned it.


A key tenet of both Halloween and socialism that Trump Jr. has failed to grasp: free candy. That includes the candy his daughter received from relative strangers tonight, as well as whatever candy might befall a child who didn’t go trick-or-treating (who Trump seems to think is lazy and doesn’t deserve it??).

I hope you’re ready for some wry commentary and jokes about Marxism!




Something I just have a strong feeling about: Donald Trump Jr. will steal candy from a small child at some point this evening.