Image via the AP.

Because Harvey Weinstein has long used his money and bigscreen sway to prop up prominent Democrats, conservative pundits are rejoicing a victory, a victory of #principles. After allegations of sexual misconduct by Roger Ailes, Eric Bolling, Charles Payne, Bill O’Reilly, and Donald Trump, there’s one down for the other team!

Donald Trump Jr. has been jumping up and down on moral high ground all weekend via a thoroughly-punctuated rampage. “I can’t wait for the Oscar’s!!!” he screamed to the world on Sunday morning and carried on throughout the day.

No hypocrite is spared: Hillary Clinton, Michael Moore, late night talk show hosts, even including a little spar on Saturday night with Jimmy Kimmel who, when asked, called the scandal “disgusting,” to which DTJ replied “Great I look forward to your monologues next week. You’re probably due for a change if only for a moment or two.” To which Kimmel supplied a video of “grab her by the pussy,” which ended that. Around the same time, Donald Trump Sr. began suggesting that he, Trump, should get equal airtime with talk show hosts.

There are more, of course. Rob Schneider, James Woods, and Ann Coulter (shower joke 1, 2, 3) hold Hollywood’s feet to the furnace.

So do a handful of Hollywood people, though institutions like SNL and Weinstein’s “media enablers” remain disturbingly silent, and it’s been reported that writers like the New York Times’s David Carr had been trying to tell the story for years without a willing publisher.

But Seth Rogan has tweeted his support for all the women who came forward, Judd Apatow criticized Weinstein’s “times were different” excuse, and prominent actresses are tweeting that Hollywood needs to be more vocal. Nathan Lane said on Saturday night that Harvey Weinstein threw him against a wall at a Clinton birthday party after Lane poked fun at Rudy Giuliani’s combover, according to Page Six.

On Friday, the former editor of The Hollywood Reporter Janice Min told the New York Times that there are many more Weinsteins to come. “I can guarantee the second that story hit yesterday, several men called their attorneys,” she said. The lesson is that in every news story there are winners and losers, the losers usually being the women who came forward with their stories in the first place.