Donald Trump Is Having a Very Experimental Week

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After surprising everyone earlier this week with a new, albeit short lived, slicked back hair style, President Trump has once again changed up his look. This time, it was courtesy of ITV’s Piers Morgan, who presented Trump with a Winston Churchill-style hat from the same hat-maker Churchill favored. It includes a custom “D.J.T.” monogram, which, okay.

Once presented with the hat, Trump repeatedly said “wow” and “I like it” in the same tone of feigned interest one has upon receiving an underwhelming Christmas present:


“I never knew you had that kind of sensibility,” Trump said. Morgan, kissing ass, let out a genial, full-throated cackle.

Once Trump finally put the hat on his head, he said, “It’s a little big... I think Winston looked much better in this.”

Morgan cackled again.

End scene.

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.

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