Donald Trump Is Crashing Weddings Again

Image via the AP.
Image via the AP.

Like the Kool-Aid Man busting through a wall, the large orange President Man is here to crash your wedding like it’s his job.

In other words, this is Donald Trump on a 17-day “working vacation” to his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. (NBC News notes that he “has spent 43 days at properties with golf courses.”) White House staff is emptying out for renovations, making necessary repairs to the HVAC system, among other upgrades.

“The president is going to continue to work,” deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters told reporters on Thursday. “The staff and the president are moving out, because I don’t think any of you would like to be in the West Wing in an August D.C. summer day when it’s over 100 degrees with no air conditioning.” He must go to the club. There’s AC at the club.


And fans! In the video below, one can watch him step out of a golf cart and ask “Where’s the bride, c’mon?”

“C’mon,” as in, c’mon, you know the drill, folks. The wedding crashing is so procedural that a New York Times reporter said that she was given a since-discontinued brochure with the following promise:

“If he is on-site for your big day, he will likely stop in & congratulate the happy couple. He may take some photos with you but we ask you and your guests to be respectful of his time & privacy.”

So, he may crash your wedding, but don’t bug him.


Please don’t crash my wedding.

Staff reporter, Gizmodo. wkimball @ gizmodo

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Group B-raaaaaaaaaap!

It’s nice to see a man with more marriages than non-bankrupt businesses shine his countenance upon this institution which Christians have worked so hard to protect from being diluted in meaning by the gays.