Donald Trump Is Rich Person Stupid About Money, Again

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President Trump, like so many rich people, is stupid about money. (This is well-documented.) Another example of his rich person money stupidity comes to us from the Washington Post, which reveals in this piece about the administration’s superficial efforts to “balance the budget” that the president thinks that certain government employees are paid around $5 million a year:

Chief of Staff John F. Kelly has told others about watching television with Trump and asking the president how much the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff earns. Trump guessed $5 million, according to people who were told the story by Kelly, startling the chief of staff. Kelly responded that he made less than $200,000. The president suggested he get a large raise and noted the number of stars on his uniform.


Remarkable. Inspiring!

Correction: This post has been updated to remove ableist language. Jezebel regrets the error. 

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