Donald Trump Interrupts Hillary Clinton to Call Her a 'Nasty Woman'

During tonight’s debate, Donald Trump finally said what he’s been hinting at for the last year: “Such a nasty woman,” he said into the microphone as he interrupted Clinton. Trump’s insult came after he assured voters, yet again, that he would be “great for women,” a phrase that he’s repeated time and time again, but one which is clearly as empty as his soul. Clinton didn’t even stop to acknowledge the insult, instead she continued to make her point about Social Security. As with previous debates, Trump interrupted Clinton on numerous occasions, but never with such a pointed insult.


The two sparred throughout the night on women’s issues, including abortion and the numerous sexual assault allegations that have been made against Trump in the prior weeks. Trump offered some gory fabulist fiction on abortion and said some words that were ostensibly meant to form a sentence while addressing the sexual assault allegations. In the last moments of the debate Trump—a man who has confused base misogyny with wit, confused sexual assault with potency—demonstrated, yet again, his complete and utter contempt for women.



Guys, my (Latino) husband doesn’t know it yet because he’s not home, but our couples Halloween costume is now Nasty Woman and Bad Hombre, this nightmare election is finally giving me something useful.