In an appearance Tuesday on Fox and Friends, Donald Trump denied that he had the sniffles at the first presidential debate, speculating instead that he had been given a bad microphone. “There was no sniffles,” he said. In fact, there were so many sniffles that some wondered whether he was on cocaine.

“I had a problem with a microphone that didn’t work,” he told the Fox friends. “My microphone was terrible. I wonder, was it set up that way on purpose? My microphone, in the room they couldn’t hear me, you know, it was going on and off. Which isn’t exactly great. I wonder if it was set up that way, but it was terrible.”


The Republican presidential nominee—whose political career was founded on a racist conspiracy theory—went on to say that he doesn’t “want to believe in conspiracy theories, of course, but it was much lower than hers, and it was crackling, and she didn’t have that problem,” referring to Hillary Clinton.

Asked whether he had a cold or allergies, Trump explained, “No, no sniffles. No, You know, the mic was very bad, but maybe it was good enough to hear breathing, but there was no sniffles.”