Donald Trump Could Appoint Oil Exec and Animal-Rights Opponent to Care for National Parks

Images via AP.
Images via AP.

There are lots of people who will be affected by a Donald Trump presidency, but let’s not forget all the other non-people who will be destroyed by Trump being in control of this land. Like, the land itself and all the animals that live on it.

One idea currently being floated by the Trump campaign is the appointment of Forrest Lucas to serve as Secretary of the Interior. Lucas and his wife have donated $50,000 to Mike Pence’s campaigns in Indiana, and he’d love to get his hands on some public lands. But don’t be fooled by his name: Forrest Lucas doesn’t care about forests, rivers, purple mountain majesties, fruited plains, or any of the creatures calling those places home. Unless he can eat them.

Lucas is the co-founder and president of Lucas Oil, which manufacturers and distributes automotive lubricants and, yes, oil. He also founded Protect the Harvest in 2014, an organization that considers the Humane Society a radical animal rights group. They’re stated goals are to “defend our way of life, preserve our food freedom, and stand up for your right to farm, fish, hunt, eat meat, and own animals.”


Think Progress reports that Sierra Club political director Khalid Pitts issued a statement explaining what a horrific set up this would be:

“At this rate, Donald Trump’s cabinet meetings will be so oil-soaked that they’ll need fire retardant carpeting installed in the White House out of fear of setting the place on fire...Putting an oil executive in charge of our public lands and precious coasts in places like North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida is a virtual guarantee that Trump’s promise to throw open season on drilling in our special places will come true if he’s elected.”

Trump has also suggested nominating Harold Hamm as Secretary of Energy. Hamm is a fracking billionaire and if appointed, he’d be the first energy secretary taken directly from the oil and gas industry since the position was created, according to Reuters. Hamm recently told a crowd of Trump supporters at the RNC, “Every time we can’t drill a well in America, terrorism is being funded... Every onerous regulation puts American lives at risk.”

On a related note, I recommend following the U.S. Department of the Interior on Instagram. Seeing the beauty of our national parks is both deeply soothing and terrifying at this juncture:

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