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Trump’s tax plan, which he has certainly read in full and 100 percent understands, is not particularly popular; its release, slated for today, has been delayed by what the New York Times politely describes as “the daunting arithmetic of drastically cutting tax rates.” Not to worry, though, my wealthy GOP corporate donors—Mr. Prez has got this thing extremely under control. ABC News reported on Wednesday that Trump, according to a senior administration official, has told congressional leadership that he wants to name the bill the “Cut Cut Cut Act.”


From ABC News:

Ryan initially kicked the naming over to Trump because of his penchant towards branding, according to a senior Hill aide.

Ryan and Brady have pushed back on the naming of the bill. However, Trump has held firm.

Trump has been insistent that the bill be called “The Cut Cut Cut Act.”


Paul, please, for the love of God, let Trump name this bill “The Cut Cut Cut Act.” America needs this. I, personally, need this. If not, Jezebel has a few other suggestions:

  • The Bada Bing Bada Bang Bill (on Taxes)
  • TAX CUTS!!!!!!! Act of 2017
  • The Money Charles and David Asked For Act
  • A Very, Very Special Bill
  • Don’t Blame Trump If You Hate This Act
  • The Paul Ryan Is a Small-Time Loser Who Doesn’t Let Me Do What I Want Act
  • The Best Bill—Period!
  • A Tax Bill, That I Can Tell You
  • What a Crowd
  • #1 Tax Bill in the World
  • A Beautiful Bill That the Fake News Media Will Hate #MAGA
  • The Democrats and the Media Are Gonna Hate This—So Unfair—But It’s a Good Bill And I’ll Tell You Why Bill
  • The Only Bill You’re Gonna Need, Trust Me

Listen, no one can say that Donald J. Trump was not deeply involved in crafting this legislation.

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