Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Still Have to Roast Each Other at a Fancy Dinner Tonight

Photo via AP

The tension between Donald Trump and that nasty woman will be on full display tonight at an annual white-tie gala in New York, where the candidates will roast each other and sit together at the same table. Dinner and a deeply uncomfortable show!

The occasion is the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner in New York, an annual fundraiser which raises money for the Archdiocese of New York’s charitable outreach. The candidates, who both traditionally attend, are expected to roast each other, an easy enough task for a personable politician, which neither of them are. For example, last year’s exchange, via the AP:

Four years ago, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney set aside their differences to trade (mostly) warm jokes. Romney, scanning the well-heeled crowd in the gilded Waldorf-Astoria ballroom, joked that the event’s white-tie attire finally gave him a chance to publicly don what “Ann and I wear around the house.” Obama, meanwhile, used his speech that year to look ahead to an upcoming debate on foreign policy, previewing his argument by saying “Spoiler alert: we got Bin Laden.”


This is bad news for Clinton, who is not particularly funny, and terrible news for Trump, who both unfunny and remarkably thin-skinned. Worse yet, the candidates will have to eat dinner together at the same table.

They will, according to the AP, be refereed only by New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who is literally wedged in between them in the seating plan. Which is to say it’s Hillary’s job to hold him back if Trump starts talking about the Pope again.

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