Don Jr. Wants the World to Know That His Dad Didn't Call Him

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A blocked number involved in a series of phone calls made to Donald Trump Jr. prior to the now-infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting apparently did not belong to his father, according to new evidence from the Senate Intelligence Committee.


The blocked numbers actually belonged to two of Don Jr.’s “family friends,” according to reporting from the New York Times.

More from the Times:

The investigators have phone records showing that Donald Trump Jr. spoke with two family friends who used blocked numbers — Brian France, the chief executive of Nascar, and the investor Howard Lorber — as the meeting was being set up, according to the people.

Mr. Lorber had significant investments in Russia and traveled to Moscow in 1996 with President Trump as they considered building a Trump Tower there.

For the younger Mr. Trump, the revelation that he had not called his father was seen among Trump allies as a victory over Democrats at a crucial moment in the investigation, according to people close to the White House.

Sure was! In response to the news that he didn’t talk to his father on the phone, Don Jr. has spent the last 12 hours tweeting and retweeting all about it:

He may not have called his dad, but will his dad ever call him?

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Pumpkin Andy is Orange

So Jr took the call, said “I love it!!!” about getting Russian dirt on Hillary, then called Lorber, with heavy Russian connections, to act as intermediary. Or Trump Sr had Lorber’s phone bc he was expecting the call. You’re still dumb and guilty, Jr. You are nowhere near as clever as you think you are.