Don Jr. Might Just Shut the Fuck Up for Once

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Last week, the Senate Intelligence Committee requested the honor of Donald Trump Jr.’s presence in the form of a subpoena. And while Trump Jr. has been held in the warm embrace of congressional Republicans, none have been more vocal than Lindsey Graham. Days ago, Graham suggested Trump blow off the subpoena entirely. Now, he has a new suggestion: shutting the fuck up for once.

According to the Washington Post, Graham told reporters that Trump Jr. should, “Just show up and plead the Fifth, and it’s over with.”

Graham added that whoever is acting as Trump Jr.’s legal counsel would, “have to be an idiot” to let Trump Jr. testify in what he’s calling a “circus.”


Trump Jr., who never shuts the fuck up, is perhaps not the ideal candidate for such a suggestion, but who knows!

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Let’s remind these chumps that “Crooked Hillary” was able to testify for 11 hours on live tv without falling into a perjury trap. I’m sure Donj can do the same.