Does Trump Have a Statue Of Himself in His Home Office?

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Image: Joe Raedle (Getty Images)

It should come as no surprise that former President Donald Trump’s home office is as bland as his preferred well-done steaks. It’s also no surprise that a small bronze statue of what appears to be Trump resides there.


On Monday, former White House advisor and full-time white supremacy fan Stephen Miller shared a photo of himself and Trump inside the Mar-a-Lago office, trees and terracotta tiling peaking through the window behind them. Oddly enough, the two were twinning, both wearing blue suits and purple ties, but where Trump was leathery tan and yellow-haired, Miller—a hard 35—was pallid and bald. Once you get past the ghoulishness of their smiles, however, you can actually take in their surroundings: gold picture frames, matching side table lamps, a mysteriously bare desk, and—wait is that...?

Enhance 500 percent.

Screenshot: Stephen M

Yes, that appears to be a statue of Trump, signature swooped coif, shit-eating grin, and all.

It’s either him or President Kennedy, but look at the way the statue is standing. That’s a Trump stance all right.

Normal guy!

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The only things that would surprise me are:

1) Said statue isn’t life size and gold plated,

2) Copies aren’t in every room of Mar-A-Lago, and

3) Dump’s office isn’t covered with gaudy gold trims and tassels that would make Liberace go “dude, dial it down a tad.”