Documenting 36 Hair-Raisingly Mundane Years of Ivanka Trump Being Evasive

Producer Phoebe Bradford. Creative Producer Anders Kapur.

Today the only first daughter her dad recognizes turns 36 years old. It hardly seems possible that Ivanka Trump even has an age, insofar that she and her family have been thrust unto the American public for what feels like eternity, or eternal damnation. And yet, there is ample documentation of her growth from entitled teen model to blank adult politicker and self-proclaimed champion of women (or at least, the ones who fit into her definition of acceptable).


One thing we discovered in compiling soundbytes through the years is that her voice has not changed; she speaks in a bougie vocal fry, an Upper East Side drawl that connotes the kind of person who would (and did) enlist her household’s domestic workers to “[dig] deep for their spare change” as a childhood lemonade entrepreneur. Simultaneously, she has mastered the art of saying something without really saying anything, a key trait in her persona and the one you most have to watch out for. Laid all out here, it’s a reminder that the flossiest snakes are usually the most venomous.

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