Do You Want To Live Directly Below Donald Trump?

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Why just feel like you’re living under the hellish whims of Donald Trump when you can literally live under him?

Page Six reports that the Trump Tower apartment directly below President Trump’s New York home is on the market; for just $24.5 million, you too can live in one of the most hated buildings in New York City:

In what could be a huge security headache, the stunning apartment 64/65AB at Trump Tower at 721 Fifth Ave. is going on the market. The pad directly adjoins the president’s personal gilded apartment, and — real-estate sources believe — his bedroom.

Trump’s triplex penthouse — which he is said to prefer sleeping in rather than the White House — occupies floors 66 through 68.


Page Six source suspects that the apartment would be such a hotbed of clandestine activity that the United States might buy the apartment for security reasons. After all, as the source said, “What is to stop the Chinese or the Russians from buying the apartment under a front, and then drilling spy holes in the ceiling to listen to the conversations and goings-on?”

You couldn’t pay me to live in that apartment, but godspeed to whoever buys that shit. Enjoy your 5.5 bathrooms! Make sure to sage it thoroughly!

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.

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Oh my god. They’re actually considering using what I’m assuming will be taxpayer money to purchase this thing, and the money goes directly into this asshole’s pocket.