Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is set to have a very bad week in Philadelphia. It started early and in a uniquely humiliating fashion, when she got booed offstage at a Monday morning breakfast hosted by a delegation from Florida.

Wasserman Schultz announced Sunday she would step down from her position as Democratic National Committee Chair, after a bunch of very embarrassing emails leaked by a hacker showed her and other DNC staffers demonstrating bias towards Hillary Clinton. But DWS nonetheless seemed to believe she could maybe have a normal breakfast with the Florida delegation. ABC and every other news outlet in the country has video of what happened instead:

A booing crowd, some of whom wearing Bernie Sanders shirts and holding up signs that said ā€œEmailsā€ greeted Wasserman Schultz.

ā€œI can see thereā€™s a little bit of interest in my being here, and I can appreciate that interest,ā€ she said, brightly. The crowd did not respond to her recommendations to ā€œsettle down,ā€ booing throughout her speech. It was real bad.


Wasserman Schultz is planning to be at the DNC throughout the week, albeit in a ā€œseverely limitedā€ role. Donald Trump is pretty excited about all of this, as you might expect.