Welcome to ConBag, a daily roundup of gossip from the Republican National Convention, which we are attending for four very long days.

CLEVELAND — I’m happy to report that my colleague, Anna Merlan, and I are still alive. The same, however, can’t be said for the Never Trump wing of the Republican party. On Monday, in an attempt to correct course, a handful of delegates tried to force a state-by-state roll call vote on the convention’s rules. Thrilling right? Senator Mike Lee yelled; former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli threw his credentials to the ground and stormed out of the Quicken Loans arena into the unforgiving sun of Cleveland. A “group of Trump supporters” threatened a Utah delegate in the ladies bathroom. For a group of people who primarily shop at Brooks Brothers and Ann Taylor, this was high drama.


But alas, it was fleeting. The mutiny was quelled and Cuccinelli returned to the arena quickly. Everybody spent the next few hours yelling about the “establishment.”

Hell might actually be this alley which is like a gauntlet filled with journalists and protestors and police and people looking to make a buck off of Trump pins and t-shirts:

According to Dante, the third ring of hell is filled with trucks clogging narrow downtown roads yelling at you about abortion. Cleveland is hell.


  • Jezebel enemy Scott Baio was the most recognizable of the D-list celebrities that graced the convention stage. [ABC News]
  • Not even Donald Trump cared about last night’s speakers. [CNN]
  • Except for Melania, who he introduced.
  • I saw Dinesh D’Souza walking down the street, he’s fresh out of jail and promoting his new movie, a “documentary,” called Hillary’s America. If you hate yourself, here’s the trailer.
  • Anderson Cooper declined to tell me how woke he is, indicating that he’s incredibly woke.
  • Anna yelled at someone. [Twitter]
  • She also walked into a live shot of SNL’s news special while trying to talk to Michael Che.
  • Tonight’s convention speakers include Dana White, the president of Ultimate Fighting Championship who seems nice, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie and the most elusive Trump child, Tiffany.
  • Here is a video of Tiffany Trump on Oprah. Tiffany’s passion is singing. [Oprah Winfrey Show]

Top image via AP.

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