David Duke and the KKK Are Thrilled About Donald Trump's Win

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While we’re here mourning an earth-shattering defeat of Hillary Clinton by President-elect (hork) Donald Trump, the Ku Klux Klan and their former leader David Duke are feeling much more celebratory. “GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP!,” Duke tweeted, adding, “It’s time to do the right thing, it’s time to TAKE AMERICA BACK!!!” America has always been yours, you racist mother fucker.


Duke, a former KKK Imperial Wizard with the eyes of a cursed ventriloquist dummy, was also running for U.S. Senate in Louisiana, but only claimed 3 percent of the vote. The loss didn’t seem to dampen his bigoted spirits, however:


Or his love of Julian Assange:


Meanwhile, the Ku Klux Klan took to the streets to celebrate rally for Trump and their return to the mainstream in North Carolina.


(According to police, this was not the KKK, but a group of “conservative celebrants.” They also stated that it’s pronounced “po-tay-to” and not “po-tah-to.”)

What a horrible time to be alive.

Correction: The photo of the NC overpass was taken the day of the election, not at night. Natalie Allison Janicello reported on the event, calling it a collection of “conservative demonstrators,” for the Times News.

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chritter is a nocturnal feminist mancatfish

Nothing makes me more sick to my stomach than the thought of the first black president having to smile and cede the White House to the chosen candidate of the KKK.

He will do it with his usual grace. But what a travesty.