Dallas, Sweetie, We're so Sorry

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Turning Point USA held its annual Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas over the weekend, where about a thousand conservative women in their teens and early twenties turned up to chant “Lock! Her! Up!” and watch Kellyanne Conway speak. Caesar salads and protein bars were served, The New York Times’ reports.


According to the Times’ report, the summit, which was sponsored by the NRA among others, was about as hellscape-adjacent as you would imagine. Sessions were held on “Suing Your University 101" and “Best Ways to Grow Your Instagram” and Tomi Lahren and Candace Owens were present.

The attendees who spoke to the Times displayed that bonkers kind of cognitive dissonance that a lot of Republicans seem to experience—the one that tells them that, despite having a Republican-controlled Congress and Trump in office, they are “ignored.”

“We are left out of the national conversation,” said Laci Williams of Colorado, whom we can only presume Skyped into the Summit from a sensory deprivation tank buried hundreds of feet underground. Another attendee said that her fellow students at Georgetown make fun of her for wanting to lead ICE someday. That’s great! Keep up the good work, students at Georgetown.

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The cognitive dissonance comes from the persecution myth central to Evangelical Christianity. It fetishizes martyrs and considers “spiritual warfare” to be a literal thing that actually happens. They believe they are persecuted for their faith not only when they don’t get their way, exactly, but also whenever they experience even a slight headwind in getting their way. Because Satan.