Daily Show Suggests More Conditions for a Paul Ryan Speakership: Segways, Sephora

Illustration for article titled iDaily Show /iSuggests More Conditions for a Paul Ryan Speakership: Segways, Sephora

Paul Ryan is willing to run for Speaker of the House... under some conditions. For instance, a workplace that allows him quality time with his family, the kind of workplace he doesn’t support for the rest of America. The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams outlined some additional riders that he might attach to his candidacy.


Personally, I’d contribute at least $25 toward a family set of Segways for Paul Ryan and progeny, just for the fucking hilarious photos.


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How does everyone feel about the Trevor Noah Daily Show? My morning routine for years was make cup of tea + watch last night’s Daily Show, so I recognize my deep love for Jon Stewart is a disadvantage to the new guy.

But the show just feels—off, somehow. Like, the energy is turned down too low or something. I can’t tell if it’s the general roughness that comes from being new at something, or if I don’t like Noah’s style (I had enjoyed his stand up in the past), or if I’m just still pining for New Jersey’s finest.

In other words: can someone please explain me to myself? Thx.