We’re here at the Conservative Political Action Conference 2016. Here are some regular updates about how we’re feeling about that, emotionally.

The Secret Service is still glumly checking everyone on their way into the main ballroom, meaning that even a trip to the bathroom buys you a roughly 30-minute wait to get back inside. That means it’s a bad idea to leave. That means it’s possible to get stuck listening to a panel called “Timeless Principles: The Reagan Legacy Endures.” The panel is scheduled to last for 45 minutes.

“He was the most intellectually curious president since Abraham Lincoln,” one of the panelists says.

“He had the energy level of a 30-year-old,” another agrees.

I feel feverish. It’s so cold in here, and yet I’m sweating. How can I be sweating?


Do my eyes look weird? Is something wrong with my eyes?


This has been a CPAC mental health check-in.

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Ronald Reagan poses on the field in a scene from the 1940 film “Knute Rockne - All American”, in which Reagan portrays Notre Dame halfback George Gipp. Photo via AP Images