Congrats to CNN Commentator and 'Former' Trump Campaigner Corey Lewandowski On His 2 or More Jobs

Corey Lewandowski arrives to the floor of Quicken Loans Arena during the opening day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Photo via AP.

Donald Trump, a cicada husk dipped in fermenting carrot soup, has often told us that he’s very good at jobs. He’ll bring the jobs back from other places, he’ll make new jobs, huge jobs for everybody. He’s starting with Corey Lewandowski, who has like, two to four jobs. Congrats to Corey!

Lewandowski, who was fired by the Trump campaign in June, was hired by CNN as a commentator like five seconds later. That was kinda weird, considering that a nondisclosure agreement he signed may or may not have prohibited him from criticizing Trump on air. Not that he would: he’s used virtually every second of his CNN time to exult about what a great job “Mr. Trump” is doing and would have done at every point in the past decade if he’d been president.

The man hasn’t even changed his Twitter bio: it still reads #MakeAmericaGreatAgain and #Trump2016.


Now, to no one’s surprise, it looks like Lewandowski is still advising the Trump campaign even as he works for a news organization. U.S. News and World Report reported last week that was the case, according to an unnamed “Republican operative,” who said Trump has “increasingly been back in regular contact” with Lewandowski.

Over the weekend, Lewandowski also turned up at a rally for Trump in New Hampshire, where he used to live and work as a lobbyist.

A fun fact about Lewandowski’s lobbying days: he was playing both sides then too.


Anyway, congrats to Corey on his several jobs, and congrats to the Trump campaign for making good on at least one of their promises.

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