Comey or No Comey, Dianne Feinstein Is Going to Celebrate Goddamned Seersucker Thursday

Screenshot via ABC7/Twitter.
Screenshot via ABC7/Twitter.

Today, former FBI director James Comey is providing explosive, highly anticipated public testimony to the Senate Intel Committee. Today is also Seersucker Thursday, an annual tradition in the United States Congress instituted by Sen. Trent Lott in 1996 to “bring a little southern charm to the Capitol.”


A few years after inventing this great holiday, Lott resigned as Senate Republican leader after publicly revealing himself to be a hugely racist Strom Thurmand stan, but the tradition has, for some reason, cheerily carried on, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein—ranking member of the Intel Committee—will not be stopped from donning her favorite lightweight cotton suit.


Nobody else on the Intel Committee appears to be wearing seersucker today, but that’s fine—more seersucker for Sen. Feinstein, assholes! Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy, who joins Feinstein as co-leader of the seersucker celebration, told Roll Call that he hopes his colleagues will participate. “Why wouldn’t you? It’s fun,” he said.

Sure is.

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Women have much more to work with in terms of “appropriate” suiting.

Could you imagine if Comey was testifying to a bunch of dudes in seersucker suits? That would be the highest level of comedy.