Columnist: Donald Trump Will Rescue Downtrodden, Ignored White Men

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Dick Morris, former Republican advisor to Bill Clinton and current bad political commenter, would now like to present the case that perhaps men are being terrorized by society.


In a column published on The Hill, Morris takes a very loose view of the concept of a “gender gap” in order to make his thesis—the idea that Clinton is antagonizing [white] male voters, and that [white] men “in revolt” will carry Trump to victory—sound more complex.

Here is a collection of words from this stunning commentary.

The gender gap, a reality of American politics since the Roe v. Wade decision almost 50 years ago, is defining the 2016 elections. But it is a different sort of gender gap — it originates with male voters, not women.


Let me paraphrase for our pal Dick: “I heard somewhere that the gender gap, a thing me and my friends have been trying to ignore since women stole their bodies back in the ‘70s, is defining the 2016 elections. It would make me more comfortable if the gender gap was about men, so that is how I will frame my argument here.”

This year’s gender gap is different from all previous gaps in that it has its origin in male, rather than female, dissent from the conventional wisdom. The feminist staples of abortion, reproductive rights and equal pay continue to motivate female voters. But men are voting differently than women because of their dissatisfaction with job and wage competition from illegal immigrants, the threat of refugee-driven terrorism, the loss of manufacturing jobs and the unending wage stagnation.

Men are in revolt.

“Why is this night different from all other nights? Because men are going to take what’s theirs and burn down the country, for once. Gender gaps! Heyo. Women care about their vaginas and being greedy, while men are off fighting the Mexicans and ISIS and traumatized baby refugees; because of this, they (also I) will vote for Donald Trump, just like George Washington did in the Revolutionary War.”

On a cultural level, male voters are alienated by political correctness and the focus on the rights of everybody but male Americans. Their continued and growing support for Trump echoes this male consensus.

“I’m talking about white men :)”

As with the crime issue in the ’60s and ’70s, the mainstream media insist on painting the white male fear of competition from illegal immigrants as racist, denying its legitimacy. But the Center for Immigration Studies reports that since 2000, “All of the net gain in the number of working age people (16-65) holding a job has gone to immigrants — legal and illegal.” The center reports Census data show that while 114.7 million native-born Americans had full-time jobs in the first quarter of 2014, that is actually fewer than the 114.8 million who had them in the first quarter of 2000.


“According to the conservative think tank whose skewed facts make my arm muscles feel stronger, illegal immigrants have more jobs than you, and probably owe more millions in taxes than I did that one time. This is not true, but I will keep saying it, because I am afraid that the bottom half of the world is going to climb up to America and suffocate us in our sleep.”

The political fallout from these statistics is enormous. Combined with the wage stagnation of workers of all races, it has created a combustible political combination that is exploding this year.


“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Politically, this male gender gap throws down a gauntlet to Clinton as she tries to ride female discontent — and their gender gap — into the White House. The more she emphasizes the need for special pleading for women, the more she antagonizes male voters.

After all, polls indicate that while she is running 5 points behind Obama among women in 2012, she is running 15 points back among men now. Her problem is not to attract female voters but to stop hemorrhaging male voters. But neither Clinton nor her advisers understand or are willing to accept this reality. So they keep trying to enhance her standing among women, making things worse and worse among men.


“Hillary Clinton, a living venus fly trap, better stop pandering to other women like some kind of lesbian if she wants to attract my frantic, aging male compatriots, who would rather see America sink right down into Hades than have a female president but it would be nice if she tried. As a wise man once said: every time you talk about the pay gap, an important man has a slightly more difficult time achieving climax.”

I think that covers it. Thanks, Dick!

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Ellie is a freelance writer and former senior writer at Jezebel. She is pursuing a master's degree in science journalism at Columbia University in the fall.

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Men are revolting?