Clinton Campaign Says It Raised $2.4 Million From Donald Trump's 'Woman Card' Comment

Last week, roiling Cheez Whiz mass Donald Trump opined that Hillary Clinton is playing the “woman card,” which is, as we know, a very real thing that nets us almost equal pay and access into a very hot secret nightclub located in the foyer of every ladies room. It was a spectacular backfire: the Clinton campaign said today they raised $2.4 million in three days off that remark.

Clinton quickly responded to Trump’s comment in tweet form:


The campaign then quickly began offering an “official woman card” with every donation.

That brings Clinton’s donation totals to roughly $26.4 million in primary funds in April, a little ahead of Bernie Sanders’ $25.8 million.

Today, Trump has confined himself to merely calling Clinton “crooked,” rather than passing any judgment on how splendidly her gender is working for her.


Photo via AP

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