Claire McCaskill Gets In Some Senate Shit Talk on Her Way Out the Door

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Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill is on her way out, having lost re-election in Missouri. But on Friday morning, she sat down to talk to NPR’s Rachel Martin, who asked what McCaskill thought about some of her (now former) Republican colleagues. McCaskill took the chance to get some mild shit talk in.


“I just think Tom Cotton’s kind of rude, he’s not really friendly,” McCaskill told Martin. (No surprises there.)

McCaskill also said that Ted Cruz “has gotten more friendly” but that “there’s very few of them, it’s probably very rude of me to name names but you know, what the hell right?”


Then Claire McCaskill quickly pulled a Claire McCaskill and ruined it all by waxing poetic about the old Lindsey Graham (who, remember, was always a fraud), saying that people around the Democratic caucus had “black armbands” on because “we feel like we’ve lost Lindsey Graham. Somebody who was willing to step outside that bubble from time to time and really do that hard work. We’re in mourning right now, because we fear that he’s gone.”

Let’s stop pretend Graham was ever good and get back to the shit talking, please.

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I know Lindsey is the worst - but - I have several friends/friends of friends who work in politics and have had regular, direct interactions with him. People LOVE him: he is funny, charming, smart, and catty as hell from what folks say - like your perfect brunch friend.  I know it doesn’t feel like it in 2018 - but not that long ago it wasn’t impossible to have good friends that you totally disagreed with. Trump has really drawn the line in the sand for a lot of those relationships now, but I genuinely believe there are a ton of Dem Pols who are sort of heartbroken about Old Linds’ choices.