After a deeply embarrassing try for the presidency, Chris Christie has returned to his job pissing off the people of New Jersey, which he does by utilizing his unique, innate, God-given ability to be a real asshole. On Monday, for the second time, Christie vetoed a bill that would have kept domestic abusers from having firearms.

Christie vetoed the Democrat-backed bill, which, per, would have required accused domestic abusers to surrender their guns after being served with a restraining order and would suspend their gun permits for the same period. It also would’ve required a thorough investigation by law enforcement to determine if someone served with a restraining order has a gun, and to confiscate it within 24 hours.


Christie conditionally vetoed a similar bill in November 2015, saying he’d rather focus on making it easier for domestic violence victims to get guns of their own. Democrats tried to override the veto, but fell short by just five votes.

Assaults involving a firearm are 12 times more likely to end in death. Restricting gun access from people served with restraining orders has been shown to lead to a modest decrease in rates of intimate partner homicides. Chris Christie is still a relentless dick.

Photo via AP