Chill, White Virginia Delegate Rick Morris Compares Abortion to Slavery

Because Virginians have always been on the right side of history when it comes to slavery.


Va. Delegate Rick L. Morris seems very chill. On Thursday, he exemplified his chillness on the State House floor via an impassioned monologue that seamlessly discounts the Black Lives Matter movement, and then compares slavery to abortion.

“With the 13th amendment to our constitution, slavery in America ended our national sin ended,” Morris says solemnly in a video posted by VA House Democratic Caucus. “But every era has its evil, every era has its national sin and the evil of our time is abortion. Our national sin is the murder of our unborn children. And evil is alive.”

“Just as the abolootionists rejected the evil of slavery, I rise to recognize the abolootionists who reject the evil of abortion.”

It is such an air-tight comparison that I am certain Morris got a great score on the analogies section of his SAT.

Virginia is not a progressive state. Its legislators have recently introduced a number of unnecessary, generally bigoted bills, including one that requires a woman receive a reminder that they might enter combat when enlisting in the National Guard, a bill that would allow a clerk to refuse to issue a marriage license to same-sex couples, and another that formally recognizes that a human life begins at conception.

Extra credit: See if you can count how many times Morris says abolootionist instead of abolitionist.


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Oh my god. It’s not abortion that is the great evil of this generation.

White people need to stop comparing things to slavery.