Checking in With Tiffany Trump

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Tiffany Trump, youngest Trump daughter and often forgotten Trump child, seems to be doing pretty well for herself these days. She’s studying at Georgetown Law, she dating the son of a billionaire businessman who looks like three children in a trench coat, and the relationship reportedly has her mother’s blessing.


In what was billed as an “exclusive interview” with Town and Country, Maples was asked what she thought of her daughter’s boyfriend, Michael Boulos. She answered in one sentence, exclusively:

“I adore Michael!” Tiffany’s mother Marla Maples tells T&C exclusively.


An anonymous source also told Town and Country that the couple are “really enjoying their time together.” Insightful!


Otherwise, Trump has been busy dancing with statues:

And taking dramatic photos inside art museums with Boulos:


This has been Checking in With Tiffany Trump.

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The High Woman In The Castle

Given that Georgetown Law is ranked 14 in the nation and how much time Tiffany spends partying and socializing while she's supposedly enrolled, I’m going to assume the admissions bribery nonsense also extends to graduate schools now.