Chasten Buttigieg Is Writing a Memoir

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Chasten Buttigieg, a former middle school teacher with a very good Twitter account, is writing a memoir. I presume that in his estimation a book deal will almost make up for him having to live with Pete Buttigieg’s new quarantine haircut, but not quite.


People spoke to Chasten about his new book, titled I Have Something to Tell You, which will reportedly focus more on Chasten growing up as a gay kid in the midwest and not on Chasten’s life as a presidential candidate’s spouse—as he told People, “I don’t want this book to just feel like I’m writing a book because I want to write a political memoir.” It’ll reportedly cover Chasten’s experience with homelessness, suicidal thoughts, and sexual assault, among other things, and he hopes it’ll speak to people struggling with similar issues.

“I’m thinking about a lot of young people out there who were just wondering, ‘Do people involved in politics even see me? Do they get me?’ I took a lot of deep breaths and decided I’m just going to put this on the page,” Chasten says.


To be honest, I’d much rather see Chasten guest-host Jimmy Kimmel Live! than his allegedly more famous yet fairly dull husband, so, hey, good for Chasten, why not. Though considering this memoir is not finished and scheduled to come out in, uh, September, I am skeptical we will actually see it. Pandemic productivity is still a myth.


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The High Woman In The Castle

I have a feeling this book is happening because the publisher didn’t have the heart to tell Chasten that no one cares about him outside of who he married.

Midwestern nice indeed!