CEO of Trump-Linked Data Firm Sure Sounds Like a Monstrously Bad Person

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Barf BagWelcome to Barf Bag, a daily politics roundup to help you sort through the chaotic Trumpian news cycle.

Have you guys heard of the classic television program Sex in the City?

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • A Channel 4 investigation found that Trump-linked data firm Cambridge Analytica works to influence elections around the world using bribes and Ukrainian sex workers. It is a doozy! [Channel 4]
  • Always nice to receive news that Trump is hiring another paranoid maniac. [New York Times]
  • In a win for Democrats hoping to take back the House, the Supreme Court struck down a last-ditch request from Pennsylvania Republicans to keep the state insanely gerrymandered. [AP]
  • Michael Flynn sure had a lot of weird business entanglements, huh! [Bloomberg]
  • The ACLU is calling Trump White House staffers’ reported nondisclosure agreements “unconstitutional and unenforceable.” [The Hill]

Here are some tweets the President was allowed to publish:


This has been Barf Bag.

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Dunno why I just thought of that, though. I mean, I’m sure it’s not related.