Celebrate Mother's Day With a Thoughtful Card From The Slot

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On Mother’s Day, there’s nothing better than a heartfelt card to celebrate all the hard work our moms have done for us. And boy, there are a lot to choose from! There are cards to make her laugh, cards to make her cry, cards that trash her shitty husband for not doing chores, and cards that encourage her to drink alcohol. But where’s the card for making her feel baffled, and just a little bit distressed? Where’s the card that says “Mom, I love you, and therefore need you to feel as anxious about our politically polarized country as I do?”

The Slot’s exclusive Mother’s Day greeting card collection features expertly sourced and thoughtfully curated inspirational quotes from our favorite writers across the comments section of the Fox News Youtube channel. Enjoy!

For the mom who enjoys word-play:


For the mom who’s endlessly positive:


For the mom who’s a history buff:


For the mom who tells it like it is:


For the mom who knows how to lay down the law:


For the mom who always has the answers:


Happy Mother’s Day!

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