“I always used to eat Milk-Bones as a kid. I thought they were very good,” Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said in a video for IJ Review, before taking a bite of one, spitting it out, and attempting unsuccessfully to feed it to a dog.


Yes! In addition to eating dog food, this totally silly, totally fun video (part of a series on presidential candidates) that has nothing to do with baby parts features Fiorina aggressively petting a mountain of puppies while building a strong argument around the superiority of dogs.

“A dog is happy to see you!” she beams.

“A dog is sad when you’re gone,” she frowns.

“Not even Obama has a cat!” she kids.

“You are the only dog in your world, huh?” she purrs confusingly to a Bijon Frise.

Next up: Carly Fiorina puts on an invisible fence dog collar, crawls around the perimeters of your property to emphasize her pain tolerance.


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Gif via IJ Review.

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