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Capitol Hill displayed the usual dysfunction this week, with government waiting til the last minute to decide whether to stay open or not (they did it!), but here’s a morsel of sanity.

Politico reports that on Thursday night, Senate Democrats sent about 100 of Trump’s nominees back to the White House for re-nomination. Among them, HuffPost notes, was Kathleen Hartnett White, nominee to lead the Council on Environmental Quality. Hartnett White, doyenne of climate denial, who has called carbon dioxide the “gas of life” and compared belief in global warming to “paganism,” is famously coal-friendly and voted for the construction of a new coal-fired plant as head of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality under Rick Perry. Like Trump’s judicial nominee Matthew Peterson, who couldn’t answer basic questions about the law last week, Hartnett White has proven incapable of answering basic questions about what greenhouse gases are and what they do. As the head of the CEQ, she would be in charge of assessing the environmental impacts of government policies and would be a top advisor to Trump.


Now Trump would have to re-nominate her and start the whole process over. Check out a couple highlights from round one here.