Budget Director Pick Forced to Testify That Trump's Inaugural Crowds Were Smaller Than Obama's

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Donald Trump’s nominee for budget director, the South Carolina representative Mick Mulvaney, had to testify in a Senate hearing that Donald Trump’s inaugural crowd was smaller than Barack Obama’s.

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley used his time Tuesday to pull out a posterboard with pictures from Obama’s inauguration and Trump’s inauguration laid out side by side.

“I wanted to start with where Senator Cotton was when he was introducing you, which he referred to you as a bold truthteller,” he said. “I have behind me two pictures that were taken at about the same time of day in 2009 and 2017. Which crowd is larger, the 2009 crowd or the 2017 crowd?”


Mulvaney, bless his heart, answered 2009. He had a good run, though.

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This is some petty shit and I am living for it.