Brave Alabama Republican Crusades Against Stores Owned By Non-Christians

Alabama State Rep. Alan Harper, age 58 and “very, very white” according to the Daily Beast, looks like the villain in every Disney movie starring an animal. On Monday, this leader of the American South shared a message with his 2,551 Facebook friends: embrace the holiday spirit and boycott stores owned by immigrants.


The message reads:

I have posted regarding this issue once before and believe it worth another read. As you travel during the holidays or any other time, please try to shop and purchase gas and other items at American owned stores. The C stores/tobacco outlets, etc. with the lights around the windows and doors are not owned by God fearing Christians. In large part, these stores are owned by folk that send their profits back to their homeland and then in turn use these funds against our country to create turmoil, fear and in some cases death and destruction. I realize I am “painting with a broad brush” here, but the madness has to stop. Please join me in making the extra effort to never support these stores/shops! I am trying to do my part and I know you will to.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May God Bless.
Alan Harper
State Representative District 61


Surely the message would be swiftly removed following outcry from his constituents, right? Nah.

“Amen!” wrote one commenter. “God bless Alan,” wrote another. One person asked how we were supposed to tell if a store (for example an Exxon) was owned and operated by an American. Harper replied, “Look behind the cash register. Most are owner/operators.”

His initial post has received press attention since he posted it on Monday morning, but that attention has only led Harper to double down on his message.

“God bless each and everyone and God Bless America!” he wrote in a comment on the post. “Isn’t it funny when things are taken out of context. Please buy American every chance you get to build our local economies... where we know the revenues stay here in the good old United States of America! May God Bless!”


Harper represents District 61 in this state’s House of Representatives and is the chairman of the Economic Development and Tourism Committee. He joined the Republican party in 2012.

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Ugh, goddamn fuck all of these xenophobic assholes. And your “american made” “support local economies” bullshit is so transparent. It’s 100% about being racist and screwing over brown people. No matter that they are good, enterprising and hard-working people. People that embody the values that are what America is supposed to stand for.

Ugh, recently I made someone deliciously uncomfortable because they were ranting about immigrants and I was like, my family are immigrants and I am first generation. I still have my dual citizenship and I remember my parents studying to take their citizenship test. Then they were like, well I don’t mean your kind of immigrant. Right, because we are white and not brown. I get it. You weren’t trying to insult me or my family, just other immigrants who happen to come from other parts of the world or with a little more pigment. Because that makes them somehow different from us, exactly how? Oh, you can’t quite find an answer for that, then stop fucking treating people like shit just because you see them as different.