Blaze It, Canada

Around 1,000 protesters showed up for the Fill the Hill rally in support of legalizing marijuana on June 5, 2004 on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada.
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Wednesday is a special day for our saner, kinder neighbor up north. The land that has universal healthcare and a nice-looking leader who doesn’t brag about grabbing women by the pussy has now also legalized weed. Good on you, Canada.

As of Wednesday, adults can safely carry up to 30 grams, even on domestic flights, and in some provinces Canadians can light up a joint wherever public smoking is allowed. Most Canadians are also allowed to grow their own pot at home. And it gets better still: Canadians convicted with possession of 30 grams of less will soon be pardoned. Hell yeah.


The BBC interviewed Ian Power, the first guy in line to buy cannabis in St. John’s, the capital of Canada’s most eastern province, Newfoundland. “It’s been my dream to be the first person to buy the first legal gram of cannabis in Canada, and here I finally am.” Congratulations to Ian and to the rest of Canada.

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