Big Time Dicks Episode 1: Welcoming Our New Dicktator

Image by Jim Cooke.
Image by Jim Cooke.

What better way to cap off a really immeasurably frightening week than with the first episode of Jezebel’s new politics podcast Big Time Dicks?


In the episode released today, Prachi Gupta and I take you behind the scenes of Jezebel’s trip to Washington DC for Inauguration (and discuss our new day-glo dicktator) and the historic Women’s March on Washington. We also have an interview with Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, about our national crisis and how to effectively make change.

“We are going to lose right now,” Hogue says in the interview. “And if we lose and take our marbles home and decide we can’t make change, we fall prey to a trap that really does play into the idea that party politics is the only vector for change.”

“When one area of potential change contracts, others open. Politics is usually the most risk-averse to change, so that doesn’t mean we stop fighting... but it does mean we need to think about other opportunities to exert our influence.”

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The podcast is produced by Levi Sharpe with editorial oversight from Deputy Editor Kate Dries. Our Executive Director of Audio is Mandana Mofidi.

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