Big Scissor Time for Don Jr.

An earlier, perhaps simpler big scissor time
An earlier, perhaps simpler big scissor time
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President Trump has many things named after him: buildings, a species of moth, an incomplete park along the Taconic State Parkway that is far too scenic to be associated with a bad bad man. Now, Donald Trump Jr. is getting a little taste of this honor in the form of a....... terrace.

A terrace at the Phoenix headquarters of conservative nightmare organization Turning Point USA is officially named after the number one boy of the Trump clan. The ceremony, officiated by Turning Point’s Charlie Kirk, included a ribbon-cutting in which Don Jr. wielded a giant pair of scissors.

Get a load of this action:


Wow! Beautiful! This patio is no skyscraper or short-lived line of steaks or animal genus, but the cement sure looks good. Sturdy!

Later that day, Trump and girlfriend (and fellow camo aficionado) Kimberly Guilfoyle were Kirk’s featured guests on his Culture War tour at Grand Canyon University. The tour is exactly what it sounds like:

Congratulations to all involved.

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.

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Cheers Pink Ears!

Ha! I didn’t think Grand Canyon University was an actual place, just an online school like University of Phoenix. I am cackling at naming what looks like the side walk after him. I work in Philanthropy and I’ve seen some wild parts of buildings named, but no one I’ve seen has to thought to go outside the building!