Betsy DeVos Is Just Trolling Us Now

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Image via Getty.

Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education and enemy of common decency, showed up to the White House dressed as Ms. Frizzle for Halloween. Yes, DeVos sees herself as the classic beloved cartoon character dedicated to making science accessible and fun, though she has literally been working to make learning less accessible and actually pretty dangerous.

It seems like DeVos should have some idea of what a monster she is in the eyes of the world, and if she does, then she knows this outfit in an insult to the American children whose chances at productive and happy lives she is systematically attempting to diminish. It’s a straight up troll job.

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

Even Kellyanne Conway is like, “Get a load of this bitch!”

Maybe DeVos isn’t trolling us and simply had her equally clueless assistant Google “teacher+good+not Harry Potter.” It’s possible she’s never watched a single episode of the Magic School Bus, and just knows that she got to wear a fun wig. Though it’s hard to imagine DeVos enjoying a good wig.

There is also the possibility that DeVos doesn’t know the full extent of her own evil; that she does see herself as a gentle benefactor, someone who supports all that is good and right about childhood development. And that’s why her costume is the most frightening of all: she’s a reminder that true monsters exist. Happy Halloween you nightmare sock puppet of the devil.

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