Bernie Sanders Leads Senators in Urging Joe Biden to Expand Medicare

Illustration for article titled Bernie Sanders Leads Senators in Urging Joe Biden to Expand Medicare
Photo: Graeme Jennings (Getty Images)

More than a dozen senators sent a letter to Joe Biden on Sunday urging the President to push for a number of expansions to Medicare as part of his American Families Plan, Politico reports.


Signed by 17 senators, including longtime Medicare expansion proponent Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the letter asks Biden to include proposals that would lower the age for Medicare eligibility, expand Medicare benefits, negotiate lower drug prices, and establish a cap on out-of-pocket Medicare expenses if implemented.

“We have an historic opportunity to make the most significant expansion of Medicare since it was signed into law,” the senators’ letter reads. “We look forward to working with you to make this a reality and, in the process, substantially improve the lives of millions of older Americans and persons with disabilities.”

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Always a wonder to me that you can give people two options:

1. Get people the healthcare they need and substantially improve the lives of individuals and communities.

2. Let people die because free market personal responsibility.

And many, many people will choose number 2. Entire states look at the opportunity to expand Medicare and Medicaid and go, “Nah, we’re good, lol”

The question for me is always “why?” The system we have right now can’t be improved with tweaking drug prices (a start, for sure) or giving people subsidies to buy from a health care company a health care plan (Obamacare is broken).

So what are we waiting for? More people to die and suffer when we can do something about it? Well, I guess this all makes more sense in light of the pandemic. That’s exactly the plan, regardless of the administration.